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Digital Nomad in Malaysia

Malaysia is growing in popularity as a destination of choice for digital nomads. It offers several attractive qualities for digital nomads, including a lower cost of living, good infrastructure, efficient public transportation, good accommodation, cultural diversity, and a growing expat community. Recently, its popularity have continued to increase since the introduction of ‘DE Rantau’ digital nomad programme.

What is DE Rantau?

The DE Rantau programme aims at establishing Malaysia as the preferred digital nomad hub in ASEAN while boosting digital adoption and promoting digital professional mobility and tourism across the country.

The DE Rantau programme will benefit both local talents and foreign nomads via the creation of a vibrant ecosystem that supports digital nomads. Digital nomads can travel and work remotely across various locations in Malaysia, while having access to stable broadband connectivity and various other facilities and services that are supportive of the nomadic lifestyle.

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