3D2N Geotourism - Culture & Heritage + Gawai Festival Experience @ Sarawak


About this Package

Min Pax 3-4
Price Per Person from MYR630/pax or from USD140/pax

The word Gawai’ originated from the Iban language that means ritual or festival, whilst Dayak refers to the native ethnic groups of Sarawak - the Iban, Bidayuh, Kayan, Kenyah, Kelabit, Murut, Lun Bawang – and many more.

 Dawai Dayak is celebrated to mark the end of the padi (rice) harvesting season and also a time of togetherness, a mark of gratitude for god and nature for the productive harvest, as well as prayer for a peaceful and prosperous future.

 Package Highlights:
•River Cruise 
•Bau’s Maze Garden 
•Fairy Cave foundation
•Kampong Sapit - village above the cloud – for best pictures
•Kampong Strass for Gawai Festival
•Taste the home made “Tuak

Package Includes


Excluded  however can be arrange




Package Itinerary
Day 1- Pick up from hotel in Kuching city. Proceed for half day Kuching City + River Cruise with sunset view. Enjoy the breathtaking of panoramic view of Kuching skyline and historical landmarks. 

Day 2- Pick up from hotel in Kuching city and proceed to Bau approx. 1hours drive. Upon arriving proceed to visit the volcanic activity + geological site at Paku Rock Maze Garden. Later proceed to Fairy Cave; the amazing foundation of stalactites and stalagmites that has formed over millions of years. Later proceed to Kampung Starss  to see and join the Gawai Festival and culture food tasting”including the making of Tuak. Then return back to hotel.

Day 3- Early pick-up from hotel in Kuching city and proceed to Padawan. Upon arriving transfer to 4WD and proceed to Kampong Sapit aka “Village Above The Cloud”. Short walking trek to the village wherein you will see there are some houses made using bamboo and roofs constructed using palm leaves. If you lucky you may get to taste some tropical seasoning fruits in the village. Upon arriving the top a stunning view of the sea of clouds, breathtaking sunrise and towering mountain peaks. Great location for Instagram or taking pictures. By 5.00pm proceed to transfer back by 4Wd and thereafter return back to hotel.




Package Inclusive:
•Transportation with Driver
•Sightseeing & Tours as itinerary
•2 ways transfer using 4WD in Padawan
•1 x Sarawak River Cruise + light refreshment
•1 x visit Kampong Starzz to experience the Gawai Festival
•Mineral water per bottle per person per day

Package Exclusive:
•Optional Meal/Tour
•Entrance Fee
•Boat transfers
•Personal Expenses
•Additional charges if accommodation is not in Kuching city
•Tour Guide
•All entry visa
Package Info
  • 8% off RM 690.00 from RM630.00
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